Mammut Trailer

Manufacturer of

Semi-trailers in the Middle East

Mammut Trailer Company, as the largest semi-trailer manufacturer in the Middle East, supplies the required applications for various commercial vehicles produced in the country by producing and supplying various semi-trailers and isolated rooms.

Mammut Trailer started its industrial activity in 1991. The mission of the owners by choosing the slogan (Experience the best) was to provide the best, most creative and up-to-date possible solutions to the challenges of country, which was recently on the path of development and prosperity.

This company was the first to replace road transport semi-trailers that had previously been built in a non-standard factory method with the latest technology in the world. As the first standard trailer manufacturer in the country with a production capacity of over 50 semi-trailers per day, it produced high-quality products with innovative technology and launched them into the transportation market. These semi-trailers, which feature up-to-date axles, braking systems, valves, and other components, improve fuel efficiency and reduce vehicle and road wear and tear. They also provide high safety for road traffic.

Safe and Eco-friendly

Mammut Trailer is trying to reduce fuel consumption, carbon dioxide emissions, amortization, increase the dynamic efficiency of products, ease of driving and use additional facilities in the road logistics industry by using a set of smart technologies and modern concepts based on IT.

Mammut Trailer used the new generation of air suspension systems for the first time as a pioneer in the transportation industry, which will lead to less amortization, less fuel consumption, increased safety in loading, and finally ease and comfort while driving.

The use of anti-rollover and anti-lock systems are the key features of this generation, which is introduced as the EBS system. This system, as one of the most important components, plays a significant role in the safety of the transportation industry.


Manufacturer of

Isolated Rooms

In the field of intra-urban transportation, Mammut Trailer isolated rooms are installed on all kinds of light, heavy and semi-heavy vans or trucks, and most companies distribute dairy, meat, protein, pharmaceuticals and… products by using them.

In this way, the diverse portfolio of Mammut Trailer products in the field of intra-urban and extra-urban transportation has provided possibility that the various goods needed by the household from the factory to the home can reach consumers with the best quality and logistics standards of the world.

Mammut Trailer refrigerated rooms are available in three different types: sub-zero (with 10 cm wall thickness), above-zero (with 6 cm wall thickness), and ice cream isolated room (plate type with 10 cm wall thickness). They can be installed on all types of commercial vehicles.

In view of the diversity of commercial vehicles in the market and the strength of their chassis, Mammut Trailer has designed insulated cabins suitable for the chassis of each vehicle in recent years and can produce and deliver orders from dear customers as soon as possible.

Innovation and Digital Transformation

Mammut Trailer has taken a major step in the country's transportation industry by introducing its smart semi-trailer, which is designed to improve safety, transportation quality, and remote control for the first time in Iran.

Mammut Trailer has taken a major step to improve safety and quality in the transportation industry in Iran. This company has paid special attention to improving road safety by using advanced technologies in its products. It has also improved the performance and efficiency of transportation by enabling remote control of semi-trailers.

This action not only represents the company's commitment to use the best technologies, but also seeks to advance safety and productivity goals in the field of transportation as an innovative model. In this way, the introduction of various types of semi-trailers by Mammut Trailer as a revolution in the transportation process, shows that the use of new advanced technology can lead to the improvement of various aspects of transporting vehicles and improving the level of customer service.