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Mammut Trailer, as one of the leading manufacturers in the field of logistics and transportation, has been able to adapt its products to the latest engineering and environmental standards based on the needs of customers, with an innovative and customer-oriented approach. In line with sustainable growth and development, and to maintain its effective role in the logistics and transportation industry, Mammut Trailer has consolidated its position as a leading brand.

Why Mammut Trailer?

Mammut Trailer's outstanding track record in the field of commercial vehicles led the company to make a brilliant presence in the logistics and transportation sector. With its professional approach, the company has met part of the country's needs by focusing on products with cutting-edge technology and high efficiency.

  • Advanced technology as well as optimization of performance and efficiency

  • compatible with the needs of customers & transportation industry

  • The use of high-quality and high-standard components in the structure and design

  • Providing after-sales services in the field of repair and supply of spare parts

      • Safety and ease of driving95%
      • Reducing fuel consumption and depreciation80%
      • Adhering to the latest global logistics standards90%

      Mammut Trailers is Pioneering a Green Revolution...

      Mammut Trailer is trying to reduce fuel consumption, carbon dioxide emissions, amortization, increase the dynamic efficiency of products, ease of driving and use additional facilities in the road logistics industry by using a set of smart technologies and modern concepts based on IT. Mammut Trailer used the new generation of air suspension systems for the first time as a pioneer in the transportation industry, which will lead to less amortization, less fuel consumption, increased safety in loading, and finally ease and comfort while driving.

      Our Customers

      The thriving presence of our products in the market of our beloved country is a testament to the fact that this company, as a market leader, has been able to establish itself as a provider of effective solutions in the transportation industry, both quantitatively and qualitatively. Mammut Trailer is committed to providing a positive customer experience by using the highest quality raw materials, leveraging the technical expertise of its skilled employees, and operating state-of-the-art production lines. The company strives to increase customer satisfaction in both domestic and international markets.

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      Common Questions

      1How can I buy a semi-trailer from Mammut Trailer?
      You can contact our sales specialists and get the necessary information by calling 021-4500 and 026-4500 or by contacting our sales representatives throughout Iran.
      2How to use after-sales service?
      All Mammut Trailer products are covered by a warranty. You can take advantage of this warranty by visiting one of Mammut Trailer's authorized dealerships during the warranty period. For more information, please contact the numbers 021-4500 and 026-4500.
      3What is the contact information of customer service?
      Share your criticisms and suggestions with us through the number 0264501.
      4How many days does it take to deliver the products?
      Products are manufactured according to customer requirements. Therefore, the delivery time varies depending on the type of product. For more information, please contact our sales representatives.
      5How to apply for a dealership?
      To receive the necessary information in this regard, please contact the numbers 0214500 and 0264500.