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Fixed & Sliding Curtainsider Semi-trailer

Curtainsider Semi-trailers are available in a variety of models and applications, including fixed roof, sliding, quick-opening, and TIR. This product has always served customers with high reliability in domestic and international transportation in changing weather conditions.

Some of the advantages of this product include a sturdy structure with weight stabilization, an optimized system for configuring the user's needs and securing the load, the use of side rails for easy access to the load, easy cleaning due to the watertight floor, an anti-rollover and anti-lock braking system in accordance with international standards, the use of multi-layer boards with high wear and bending resistance, and two 2.5-meter tool boxes on the sides.

*Has been approved by the Iranian National Standards Organization and the European Convention.


Max. Payload & Weight



Rear Doors


Axle & Suspension

Sliding Mechanism

Landing Gear

King Pin

Braking System

Electrical System

Chassis Painting


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