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Refrigerated Semi-trailer

At Mammut Trailer, considering the importance of preserving the freshness of food and guaranteeing the quality of the products' journey from the factory to the consumer, we have produced a variety of refrigerated products according to the world's standards.

At Mammut Trailer, we are committed to preserving the freshness of food and ensuring the quality of products from factory to consumer. That is why we produce a variety of refrigerated semi-trailers that meet the latest international standards.

To increase the strength of the product and also to facilitate the installation of the cabin on various commercial vehicles, a special chassis is also produced for that vehicle. This product has the following features:

An anti-lock braking system (ABS) and anti-rollover system (ARS) that meet international standards, a short defrost cycle and high heating capacity for rapid defrosting, efficient and highly flexible connections, walls made of sandwich panels with the lowest heat transfer rate, two 2.5-meter tool boxes on the sides (beautiful, spacious, and practical).

*Has been approved by the Iranian National Standards Organization and the European Convention.


Max. Payload & Weight


Wall Thickness

Walls Assembly


Rear Doors

Cooling Unit

Axle & Suspension


Landing Gear

King Pin

Braking System

Electrical System

Chassis Painting


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