Mammut Trailers

The Intersection of Quality and Durability

One of the basic requirements of industrial and economic development in a country is the field of logistics and its transportation infrastructure. Mammut Trailer in the seventies, replaced the road transport semi-trailers which were previously made by unconventional and non-standard methods for the first time, with the latest technology in the world. This company is the first standard semi-trailer manufacturer in the country with a production capacity of more than 50 trailers per day, fabricated and shipped high quality products with modern technology.

These semi-trailers, which feature up-to-date axles, braking systems, valves, and other components, improve fuel efficiency and reduce vehicle and road wear and tear. They also provide high safety for road traffic. Mammut Trailer products are manufactured as a global brand in accordance with the latest international standards. In addition to meet the domestic demand, they are also exported to neighboring countries.
Mammut Trailer offers a wide range of products, including:

Refrigerated Semi-trailer - Tipper Semi-trailer - Curtainsider Semi-trailer- Tanker Semi-trailer - Flatbed Semi-trailer - Tank Carrier Semi-trailer - Container Carrier Semi-trailer


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Types of Mammut Semi-trailers

Mammut Trailer Company, with years of experience in the field of logistics and road transportation, as one of the pioneers of the semi-trailer manufacturing industry, has been able to offer a wide variety of products. Mammut Trailer has always been dedicated to the production of various types of semi-trailers in different capacities and dimensions. To date, it has been able to successfully meet the needs of various industries both domestically and internationally. Mammut Trailer aims to meet the diverse needs of various industries and customer requirements. We empower customers to experience genuine quality by providing them with products that offer optimal functionality and performance tailored to their specific needs.

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Mammut Trailer is trying to reduce fuel consumption, carbon dioxide emissions, amortization, increase the dynamic efficiency of products, ease of driving and use additional facilities in the road logistics industry by using a set of smart technologies and modern concepts based on IT.

Mammut World used the new generation of air suspension systems for the first time as a pioneer in the transportation industry, which will lead to less amortization, less fuel consumption, increased safety in loading, and finally ease and comfort while driving.

    • Depreciation Reduction80%
    • Ease of Driving95%
    • Less fuel consumption85%
    • Enhancing Loading Safety75%
    • Reducing Carbon Dioxide Emissions95%

    Brake System

    Optimizing Semi-Trailer Braking Performance and Enhancing Safety

    The Braking System used in Mammut World has the following capabilities:

    EBS braking system (Electronic braking system)

    ABS (anti-lock braking system)

    RSP (Roll Stability Control)

    The EBS braking system not only has the ABS capability, which means applying and releasing the brakes to prevent wheel lock, but it also has other unique features. This provides more accurate and consistent control of the generated braking force including reduced hysteresis compared to a conventional braking system, The braking force is also controlled in accordance with road conditions (slippery surfaces and curves) and the speed of the trailer.

    This prevents the wheels from locking up or the trailer from jackknifing on slippery roads. The EBS braking system increases the safety of trailers on the road by improving braking performance and reducing stopping distance. This provides more accurate and consistent control of the generated braking force including reduced hysteresis compared to a conventional braking system, thereby improving tractor-trailer compatibility, optimizing the brake pad wear, and helping to reduce the overall operating costs of the trailer.

    The operation of EBS system can be divided into the following items:

    1) Providing electronic current for all components used in the system

    2) Transmitting signals to the modulator to check and analyze different characters for braking

    3) Transmitting the commands by the modulator to enable all the necessary parameters for braking

    4) Preparation and transmission of all commands issued from the truck to the braking system

    Axle System

    Mammut Trailers use SAF axles, and the front axle of the trailers is also equipped with a lifting system. This brand is globally leading manufacturers of intelligent running gear systems for semi-trailers. All 9t air suspension systems with optimized Disc/Drum brake technology and an exemplary price-performance ratio. The unique design principle prolongs the service life of the pads and the disc and, at the same time, achieves:

    1) more km – less wear

    2) more planning reliability

    3) more efficiency

    4) more economic efficiency

    The Roll Stability

    The Mammut Trailer roll stability system is a safety feature designed to protect the trailer in case of an impending rollover. It utilizes automatic braking to prevent the trailer from tipping over. The RSP system will be activated if the lateral acceleration of the trailer exceeds the allowable range and the conditions for trailer rollover are met. In order to prevent the trailer from tipping over, its speed must be reduced under these circumstances.

    As a result, the brake booster air pressure on the outer wheel increases the turning radius, leading to a decrease in the lateral acceleration and speed of the trailer. Braking in the RSP system is fully automated. This is achieved by monitoring lateral acceleration, load, and speed. The actuator operates automatically, which ultimately reduces wheel speed, lateral acceleration, and wheel stability.

    Lighting System

    The lighting system of Mammut World trailers is provided by world-renowned brand such as ASPOCK® according to the ADR international standard. The most important features include the following:

    Uniform light pattern plus a dynamic indicator with a sequential light High IP protection classes , Anti-spark , Durability Supply Voltage is 24 volts and includes 7 pin sockets (in acc. with ISO 1185 and ISO3731) and 15 pin sockets (in acc. with ISO 12098) that covers the following: Front end-outline marker lamp* , Front reflex reflector , Front position (side) lamp , Side reflex reflector , Side-marker lamp , Direction indicator lamps , Rear tail lamp , Stop lamp , Reversing light , Rear fog lamp , End-outline marker lamp , Rear reflex reflector , Registration plate lamp , Rear position (side) lamp , High-mounted stop lamp