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Tanker Semi-trailer

Our tanker semi-trailers meet the national standards of Iran and the international standards of Europe for the transportation of dangerous goods - ADR, and are suitable for the transportation of the four main petroleum products and their derivatives. This product has the following features:

Features of this semi-trailer include a vapor recovery system for collecting gasoline vapors at the discharge point, the use of internal stiffeners and wave breakers, anti-theft systems and equipment, an RSP rollover system, equipment and valves in accordance with API standards and regulations, an anti-rollover and anti-lock braking system in accordance with international standards, and safety and emergency equipment in the air system circuit.

*Has been approved by the Iranian National Standards Organization and the European Convention.


Max. Payload & Weight



Loading & Discharging System


Axle & Suspension

Landing Gear

King Pin

Braking System

Electrical System

Chassis Painting


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