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Flatbed Semi-trailer

This product is a high-durability, high-stability vehicle used to transport bulky and containerized cargo in harsh and uneven conditions. It is available in a variety of models with or without doors on both sides, to meet the needs of different customers.

The features of this semi-trailer include the use of secure lashing and container locks in accordance with ADR standards, a sturdy crown, and a chassis with optimized load and weight. The use of waterproof plywood with high wear and flexural strength, and equipment with optimal strength and durability, distinguishes this product from its competitors.

The use of an optimized load safety system, a load restraint mechanism against various dynamic conditions, and an anti-tip and anti-lock brake system in accordance with international safety standards guarantees the highest level of safety for this product.

*Has been approved by the Iranian National Standards Organization and the European Convention.


Max. Payload & Weight



Axle & Suspension

Landing Gear

King Pin

Braking System

Electrical System

Chassis Painting


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