Refrigerated Room

In this product, polyurethane insulation is used to maintain the temperature inside the room. For added strength and beauty, both sides are covered with aluminum sheet. Rooms with fiberglass doors are more effective in maintaining temperature than ever before, and with their high strength and longer lifespan, they reduce maintenance and repair costs.

We use special aluminum profiles from Mammut World for the framing of the room to achieve the factors of strength, beauty, and durability. A Mammut World refrigerated sandwich panel, with its unique floor and structure, allows the use of both fully welded and bolted chassis.

In addition, with our advanced sandwich panel production capabilities, we have created a suitable platform for transporting products that require sub-zero or above-zero temperatures. Therefore, refrigerated rooms can be used to transport products such as frozen meat, ice cream, and medicine, and above-zero rooms can be used to transport products such as fresh meat, dairy products, and medicine.


Chassis of Box


Rear Doors

Lighting System