The Mammut World Company started its industrial activity in 1990 and is currently operating with more than 30 years of experience and more than 5000 specialists. The mission of the owners by choosing the slogan (Experience the best) was to provide the best, most creative and up-to-date possible solutions to the challenges of country, which was recently on the path of development and prosperity, and also to manufacture exclusive products such as high-quality semi-trailers, the most durable and long-lasting sandwich panels, portable cabins, containers and diverse isolated rooms.

By adapting the products to the latest engineering and environmental standards, as well as paying special attention to the needs of customers, Mammut World has brought this leading brand to a high position of sustainable growth and development. By maintaining its influential role in the market, this company has provided the transportation solution to a wide range of customers. we are active in the field of design, construction, production and also installation of various prefabricated structures, including roof and wall sandwich panels by using continuous and automatic production lines in accordance with the standards of the world. We have been able to have a strong and influential presence in the region by using state-of-the-art machinery, experienced employees as well as knowledge-oriented vision.



One of the basic requirements of industrial and economic development in a country is the field of logistics and its transportation infrastructure. Mammut World in the seventies, replaced the road transport semi-trailers which were previously made by unconventional and non-standard methods for the first time, with the latest technology in the world. This company is the first standard semi-trailer manufacturer in the country with a production capacity of more than 50 trailers per day, fabricated and shipped high quality products with new technology. These semi-trailers, which are assembled with the use of axles, brake system, specific valves and other accessories, in addition to reducing fuel consumption and vehicle depreciation, bring high safety for road traffic.



In the field of intra-urban transportation, Mammut World isolated rooms are installed on all kinds of light, heavy and semi-heavy vans or trucks, and most companies distribute dairy, meat, protein, pharmaceuticals and... products by using them. In this way, the diverse portfolio of Mammut World products in the field of intra-urban and extra-urban transportation has provided possibility that the various goods needed by the household from the factory to the home can reach consumers with the best quality and logistics standards of the world.

Mammut World isolated rooms include all kinds of refrigerated and cargo boxes made of sandwich panels and fiberglass. By using the latest and fully automatic production lines, we have been able to meet the vast needs of the domestic market and national projects, and also have the honor of cooperating with large distribution companies in the food industry.


As our first line of business, we started to produce sandwich panels which is a much better alternative to traditional construction materials, because they are much lighter, better insulations and easy to install. This was a gateway for Mammut World to enter into the field of industrial constructions.

Our experts have localized the production of various types of sandwich panels by using innovative chemical technologies. Mammut World, established Mehrsa Shimi Fartak, which is a technology-based start-up company that leverages on local capacities and talent to produce the raw material used in the production of Sandwich Panels, which is a big leap in the field. Mammut World sandwich panels are used to cover the roofs and walls of industrial halls, factories, production halls, warehouses, pre-fabricated buildings, portable cabins, cold storages, clean rooms, camps and temporary accommodations, etc. Mammut World, is currently leading the market by manufacturing an average of 6,500,000 square meters per year, using the most advanced continuous production lines and fully automatic machinery. This is enough to, not only meet the demand from the Iranian market and local projects, but to create a successful experience in exports to the countries in the Middle east region.

Roof Sandwich Panels

These panels are used to cover the roofs of industrial halls, agricultural sites, warehouses, factories, etc. We manufacture roof sandwich panels with a trapezoidal shadow line design on the outer sheet surface. Also, we are the only manufacturer of Roof Sandwich Panels with the ability to produce left and right overlaps.

Wall Sandwich Panels

This panel is a type of building materials that consists of two layers of sheets and the foam injected between them, and is used to cover the walls and facades. One of the unique features of our wall sandwich panels is their simple and quick assembly. We provide a variety of wall sandwich panels that include flat, lined (grooved) and secret fix.

panel about image


Mammut World can produce sandwich panels for warehouses with the ability to be sterilized. These panels, with both flat sides, are completely hygienic as there will be no room for the bacteria to grow. Also, we can build structures with different applications, including: gyms, shops, repair shops, halls, factories and industrial workshops, aircraft hangars, poultry and livestock farms, parking lots, etc.

Cold Storages

In Mammut World, we are able to produce all kinds of cold storages made of fiberglass by making special sandwich panels with special technical specifications, as well as considering the unique facilities of the company.

Villa House

Nowadays, pre-fabricated villa houses have become very popular in the world, and it has created a great opportunity to attract tasteful people and encourage them to buy and use this solution for their residence in the country.


Designing and building all kinds of portable cabins is the next field of activity in Mammut World. They are manufactured with the best raw materials and advanced production equipment which have a very high variety; from simple and economical for temporary housing to modern and luxurious prefabricated structures for permanent housing.

  • Workshop Portable Cabin

  • Security Portable Cabin

  • Turnpike Portable Cabin

  • Restroom Portable Cabin

  • On-site Portable Cabins

  • Cold Storage Portable Cabin

Workshop Portable Cabin


After creating a complete resume of supply chain in the construction and road transport industry, Mammut World took another big step to meet the needs of the maritime transport industry, and with the production of sea containers in various dimensions, it is now known as the sole container manufacturer in the Middle East region whose products meet global standards and are certified to be loaded on fleet of world-renowned shipping lines and be transported on international waters.

Experts give professional advice to their customers depending on the quantity, type, size and packaging of the goods in order to choose the best dimensions.

Dimensions of the containers used in land transportation are as follows:

10 Feet

It has dimensions of 2.5 x 3 meters with a height of 2.60 meters, known as a 3-meter container, and is used as a warehouse.

20 Feet

It has dimensions of 2.5 x 6 meters with a height of 2.60 meters, which is used for storing and moving products.

High Cube 20 Feet

It has dimensions of 2.5 x 6 meters with a height of 2.90 meters, which differs in height from the others.

40 Feet

It has dimensions of 2.5 x 12 with a height of 2.60 meters and is the most widely used in the transportation industry.

High Cube 40 Feet

It has dimensions of 12 x 2.5 meters with a height of 2.90 meters and the difference between these containers and a 40 feet container is in height, which is why they are also known as tall containers. This type of container is used to carry high-altitude products.

Containers for shipping

Today, sea transportation is one of the most widely used methods of transportation. This type of transportation has long been one of the main methods of sea transportation and has a long history of transporting products to different parts of the world. Since the seas do not belong to a specific country, the transport tariff does not include them and therefore maritime transport is one of the cheap methods of transportation.

This cheapness has made it possible for thousands of ships that carry a variety of containers to move products, companies, and governments across the high seas on a daily basis. Shipping containers are generally divided into 20-foot and 40-foot, although they may be smaller or larger in size.



Mammut Steel Structure Company started its activity in 2004 and has been actively involved in the implementation of many national, civil and industrial projects in a very short period of time as the largest and modern company producing heavy and semi-heavy metal skeletons in Iran and the Middle East. Apart from attracting domestic industries, this company has always considered export as one of the principles of infrastructure and strategic policy.

The monthly production capacity of this company is more than 3000 tons of heavy metal parts for power plants, steel, oil and petrochemical gas, bridges and buildings, which was established in 2014 on a land of 5.5 hectares and has taken steps to build metal structures by using the latest software and hardware.

Mammut Steel Structure has a large number of CNC plasma cutting machines and 3 automatic shot blasting machines. After that, assembly and welding operations begin, then the manufacturing process is finished, it is shot blasted again, finally painted and packaged.



Vazneh Company was established in 1963 and started its activity since 2006 as a subsidiary of Mammut World Industrial Group in the field of crane production and equipment. With more than 60 years of experience, Vazneh has presented its products in various types of overhead, gantry, semi-gantry, jib and monorail cranes with different capacities to meet the needs of domestic and foreign industries. This company, while cooperating with power plant, automotive, aircraft, rail and railway transportation, steel, cement and other industries, has left a brilliant record in the development of our country's industry.

Also it is active as one of the poles of this industry in the domestic and foreign fields by benefiting from the knowledge and experience of its managers and skilled experts.

  • Designing, manufacturing, transporting, installing and setting up all kinds of single-bridge or double-bridge overhead cranes in the form of mobile or fixed, Jib crane, gantry, semi-gantry and wall-mounted cranes.
  • Manufacture of more than 246 types of power plant cranes with cabins in single-bridge and double-bridge form.
  • Designing, manufacturing, transporting, installing and operating more than 334 refinery, petrochemical, oil and gas cranes in all types of anti-explosion and anti-spark.
  • Designing, manufacturing, installing and commissioning of more than 568 types of elevators with the ability to carry objects vertically and monorail types in different tonnages in straight paths.
  • Designing, manufacturing, installing and operation of more than 527 overhead cranes in steel and non-ferrous metals industries.
  • Designing, manufacturing, installing and operation of more than 121 wall and jib cranes.
  • Designing, manufacturing, installing and operation of more than 95 types of gantry and semi-gantry cranes, both single-bridge and double-bridge, with the ability to handle high tonnage.
Mersa company


Mehrsa Shimi Fartak was established in 2021 in Mammut Industrial Park with the aim of meeting the high and increasing demand for raw materials used in the production of polyurethane, especially sandwich panels.

In order to supply the raw materials needed by the related industries, this complex has prepared the most advanced and up-to-date equipment with the support of an experienced team, it has produced the strategic raw material polyol, one of the main components of polyurethane in a vast space of 7000 square meters which includes production lines, laboratory, research and development unit.


Mammut Construction Company is one of the most reliable companies in the management and implementation of construction industry projects in the country, which has created many projects in the direction of economic growth and sustainable development with the help of its customers.

This company, by taking advantage of internal knowledge and experience, available facilities and potentials, as well as using the best technologies of reputable companies in the world, has the ability to design and implement major construction projects with any type of shed and metal or concrete structure, from the stage of calculations and implementation of the foundation to equipping the building that can be used for any type of construction.

These services include excavation, foundation and structure, preparation of architectural plans, up-to-date internal and external designs and area, preparation of structure plans, facilities and electricity of the building until the final stages, provision of all kinds of up-to-date materials and finally to provide the project in our country or countries including Turkmenistan, Iraq, Oman, Afghanistan, Armenia and etc.

Mammut Construction has always tried to take an effective step in improving the quality of buildings in country by relying on the experiences of experts and up-to-date practical methods.