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Mammut World Sandwich Panel

Specialists in the world of mammoths, in continuation of innovative chemical technology in production, localized the sandwich panels that were imported from Germany in the first step, and by establishing Mehrsa Shimi Knowledge-Based Company, the raw materials required by this industry, relying on local knowledge and capacities. Have produced domestically, which is a big leap in this area.

آشنایی با ساندویچ پانل دنیای ماموت
Quality and innovation

Application of sandwich panels

Sandwich panel is a compound material which is produced in the form of sandwiches (layers) that the external layers are made of sheet metal (PPGI, Aluzinc or Aluminum) and also has a core made of polyurethane foam with different densities which is injected between two layers of sheet.

This type of material is used to cover the Roof and wall of industrial halls, factories, production halls, warehouses, prefabricated buildings, portable cabins, cold storages, clean rooms, camps, temporary accommodation and etc.

Sandwich panels are the best material of their kind in terms of lightness and insulation compared to similar covering materials. In addition to low weight and speed of execution, this product is more economical than other materials and meets all energy storage standards.

One of the important features of polyurethane sandwich panels is their insulation against temperature and the lowest temperature transfer coefficient. For example, the temperature transfer coefficient of a 5 cm thick sandwich panel is equivalent to a 172 cm thick brick wall due to its extremely low heat transfer coefficient, which will lead to energy savings and reduced costs in the long run.

آشنایی با ساندویچ پانل دنیای ماموت

Protecting the environment is protecting life.

Sandwich panels can be used in different weather conditions and there are no restrictions. Sandwich panels have less waste compared to other materials, which shows the extraordinary value of them. It also transmits much less heat than traditional materials, which prevents energy waste and conserves natural resources.
Quality and innovation

Why Mammut World Sandwich Panel?

Important features and reasons for using sandwich panels include the following:

  • 1Quick installation time

  • 2Thermal insulation and improved anti-flame feature against fire

  • 3Less water absorption and ambient production against snow, rain and dust.

  • 4Washable and resistant against various chemical materials.

Mammut World Company, by means of latest continuous and automatic machines with an average capacity of 6,500,000 square meters per year is currently active as local market leader which not only have succeeded to meet the needs of the domestic market and national projects, but also had noticeable experiences in the Middle East.

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Common Questions

In what areas are sandwich panels used?

Sandwich panels are used to cover the roof and walls of residential, office, commercial, educational buildings, industrial halls, cold storages, clean rooms, aircraft hangars, agricultural sheds, sports halls, silo warehouses, farms, poultry farms and many other places.

What material are the top layer and the bottom layer of the sandwich panel made of?

The upper and lower layers are made of pre-painted Steel, Galvanized Aluminum or Aluzinc, which is more commonly used in the construction industry due to its ubiquity.

What is the density used to make the sandwich panel?

The density of objects is usually compared to the density of water to see if they are floating on water or drowning. The optimum density of polyurethane sandwich panels is usually between 40 and 42 kg / m3.

Why is sandwich panel thermal insulation?

Heat always flows from higher temperature systems to lower temperature systems, and this phenomenon is inevitable. But the rate of this flow can be drastically reduced, and this is the main purpose of thermal insulation. Thermal insulation minimizes the loss of thermal energy in buildings and structures, as well as industries and equipment, and consequently leads to energy savings.

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