A portable and prefabricated building.

This is the first and simplest definition of portable cabin (Conex), which actually refers to the main difference. The portable cabin is a traditional building that can be moved and transported. Today, a variety of prefabricated buildings, especially portable cabins, are used as a very good alternative to traditional buildings. In places where the necessary facilities and conditions are not available for the construction of a building, the portable cabins are the best option and that's why the use of them is expanding today.

The portable cabins were initially only prefabricated enclosures and did not have a wide variety of uses. But today, thanks to the advancement of engineering sciences and access to new technologies, the construction of prefabricated buildings has made significant progress in terms of variety, scope of design, use and also in terms of construction technology.

Ability to move, build and install quickly, the ability to resell independently of the land, high resistance to natural disasters such as earthquakes, etc. are among the advantages of portable cabins.

There are many applications of portable cabins in today's world, which can be summarized as: portable cabins in urban areas, construction and civil engineering workshops, special cabins for oil and drilling industry, portable cold rooms, telecommunication, military, turnpikes, residential, villa, custodianship, guards, toilets, administrative camps, schools, relief camps, and portable cabins with special uses.

Mammut World Portable Cabins

Design and manufacturing of various Conex boxes and cabins is the next product line in the beautiful Mammut World. Our diverse line of products enjoy the luxury of highest quality of build material and are manufactured under the sharp eyes of expert staff, using the most advanced machinery. These products range from the simplest and most cost-efficient products used for temporary shelters to advanced and luxury pre-fab versions used for permanent use.

  • Workshop Portable Cabin

  • Security Portable Cabin

  • Turnpike Portable Cabin

  • Restroom Portable Cabin

  • On-site Portable Cabins

  • Cold Storage Portable Cabin

Workshop Portable Cabin